Reconnecting with My Twin Flame

A couple days ago I trekked back to my old stomping grounds - the school I used to teach at - to give lesson materials to another teacher. The school is in Vacherie, Louisiana, where twin twin flame and I lived in a past life - at Le Petit Versailles Plantation. Now, all that marks [...]


Update 2.0

I have had a lot of interesting things happen to me recently and just want to air them out here. As stated earlier, I been attending a lot of classes / events related to psychic / metaphysical development. Being tired so much, it helps me get out of the house and reset. I have taken [...]

4th Dimension Explained

As you might know, the earth and most people occupy the 3rd dimension. But if you are awakened, you probably occupy the 4th dimension at times or all the time. The 4th dimension connects the 3rd dimension (humans) and 5th dimension (spirit) together. Dreams - the unconscious - occupies the 4th dimension. While we dream, [...]