Samael’s Back and There’s Gonna Be Trouble

Adding to my chronicles about a Demon named Samael, he returned, but this time it attached to a different coworker. It was a little crazy, having to deal with this - on top of everything else. I found out why this demon was attracted to him - it was partially due to past life issues [...]


Spiritual Crossroads – Where Waters Meet

Similar to paranormal lore, crossroads do exist, but we are not making a deal with the devil. As I develop psychically, I am starting to sense them where I live, particularly where two bodies of water cross. As an element, water carries energy, and as a river flows, so do energetic currents. I live in [...]

My new gift – Aura Reading

I have been blogging about the after effects of my DNA Activation. I been experiencing mental and physical symptoms from it. But on the up side, I am starting to see the benefits of it. If you think about it literally, I am using DNA that I never used and am expanding the limits of [...]