Looking Within Rather Than Out

I’ve been reflecting on this last year and how my life has changed. I noticed that my priorities have changed. I’ve become more focused on what matters. My significant other, friends, family, job, etc. It’s about going back to the basics – making life simpler.

In my early twenties, I did a lot of traveling around the United States. I developed a sort of wanderlust. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of it and have memories I will treasure forever. Some of my friends still have this desire – to travel and see the world. Again, nothing is necessarily wrong with it – per say – when you don’t have kids, etc. But I don’t have that kind of money (and neither do they).

I want to build upon what I already have and work hard at everything I do. I want to eventually be able to save money. You can’t have both – a semi-together life and the ability to travel everywhere and out the country – unless you are very rich or a flight attendant.

As I’ve learned recently, I will become a mother soon – not officially in womb until August. This just adds to it – I need to be able to provide for my soon to be child.

Studying and developing my metaphysical gifts go right in hand with this – sure I would love to be able to visit all the places I lived in my past lives, but I don’t have to do this. I possess all these memories – I just have to access them via my higher self. I know eventually I’ll be able to astro project and visit places I never have.

It’s all about substance – filling your life with what’s really important – people and things that will last and fulfill your most basic needs.

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