My First Demonic Encounter

I made my first house call tonight. A co-worker of mine, who practices Voodoo and witchcraft and is a medium, has been having problems with a dark spirit. I found out that it was a demon named Samael that I previously blogged about. He is probably the strongest demon, second in command to the devil. [...]


Battle Between Dark and Light Energy

I have noticed something peculiar at work lately. I've been having contentious interactions with some of my co-workers. I am nice to everyone, all the time, even when I am upset or stressed, but I haven't received that back. I find this to be reoccurring theme - to the point that I have to question [...]

Synchronicity and 11/11

So today is metaphysical holiday, along with Armistice day. It's 11/11, the beginning of an important period of growth during the year - from 11/11 to 1/11. It's time to refocus on ourselves, spiritual growth and expand our minds and capabilities beyond the physical. I promise, I am not making this up, nor am I [...]