One Year Awake – My Psychic Anniversary

In a couple days is the anniversary of where and when it all started - my first psychic / medium experience on my birthday and at the Myrtles Plantation - one of the most haunted places in Louisiana. This year has been interesting, to say the least. I learned that not only was I psychic, [...]


Looking Within Rather Than Out

I've been reflecting on this last year and how my life has changed. I noticed that my priorities have changed. I've become more focused on what matters. My significant other, friends, family, job, etc. It's about going back to the basics - making life simpler. In my early twenties, I did a lot of traveling [...]

Free Channeled Readings

For the sake of practice, I am open to giving free readings, especially channeled messages via my spirit guides. I can also do tarot - rider thoth decks and runes - tarot may take a little longer to receive. So, anyone interested, feel free to inbox me on wordpress or message me on my facebook [...]

Psychic Visions of Motherhood

Since adolescence, I've had pregnancy dreams. While I know pregnancy dreams can be symbolic of creation / new beginnings, some of are just dreams, flashbacks of past lives, or premonitions of the future. I had a tarot card reading the other day from a co-worker, and he stated I would be building a family and [...]