Making Pacts with the Devil

While some people purposely make pacts with the devil or dark spirits, you can accidentally make a pact with a demon without knowing it. Practicing dark magic or Voodoo can definitely make you vulnerable to this. It’s all about Karmic law – you put bad into the universe, you get that back. You literally manifest it.

It’s human nature to think it cannot happen to you and wonder why life’s so difficult for you when it falls apart. You start blaming everyone but yourself, playing the victim. From what I’ve witnessed, this burden can follow you for a long time, so it’s wise to stay away from it altogether.

When you practice dark magic and occult, you can make a pact with a demon and give up your control / free will. They can attach to you and haunt your entire household. Dark entities literally feed on your energy and affect you emotionally. It’s a pain in the butt to get rid of this kind of entity. They stick around and even if you can move it – it may return. Entities of this nature can stick to people, objects, animals, etc. They can literally take someone over and possess them. They can imitate other spirits, deceased family members and can take over your dreams – literally becoming a nightmare.

Personally, I think its way better to put light out into the universe and get that back. Of course, I am sided – I am definitely a lightworker at heart. I am not saying you can’t practice witchcraft, Voodoo etc. but be very cautious about it and know that you walk a fine tight rope. I wouldn’t play with Ouija boards, etc. and go out your way to piss off a spirit. Ground and protect yourself constantly. But it’s kind of like birth control, the only fool proof way to not get pregnant is abstinence.


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