Looking Within Rather Than Out

I've been reflecting on this last year and how my life has changed. I noticed that my priorities have changed. I've become more focused on what matters. My significant other, friends, family, job, etc. It's about going back to the basics - making life simpler. In my early twenties, I did a lot of traveling [...]


Soul Name

I attended another guided session with the crystal bowls and had some interesting revelations. I received my soul name. It is Nia and Nio is my counterpart, twin flame, Valcour Aime. This is huge - I just don't know the how exactly. I am sure I will find out more as time goes on. I [...]

My Long Lost Twin Flame

Life has a weird way of working out. Before this week, I never heard of a twin flame and now I believe in it whole heartedly because I feel and hear him in spirit. This is how it all started - I am the process of being hired as a tour guide on a plantation. [...]