Reflections on the New Year

It's time to reflect on this past year and what a year it has been! 2017 marks the conclusion of my first year awake. My birthday is this February which makes a year since first psychic experience at Myrtles Plantation. This New Year and my birthday are more important to me than Christmas was this [...]


Progress on DNA Activation

I am grateful to say I am feeling better. I am scheduling doctor's appointments for the various issues I am dealing with. I am still dealing with bladder pain. I believe its IC: Interstitial cystitis, its very common for women. I am also going to get my kidney checked out, since I have polycystic kidney [...]

Post DNA Activation Symptoms

I wanted to quickly blog about my experience with the 2nd part of my DNA Activation. Some of it caught me out of the blue - I thought I was through it, and that it was just depression. In the last couple of days I been experiencing what started out as bladder pain that became [...]

Second Sight & DNA Activaton

I recently completed my DNA Activation and have been dealing with some of the aftermath of it. Most of it has been mental and a little bit physical. My depression has been worse (I have medication for it worsening). I have had more stomach sensitivity. While I am still recovering from the upgrade, I am [...]

Mercury Retrograde: Time to Take Care of the Nitty Gritty

I want to blog about my experience with this Mercury Retrograde. The previous one was ROUGH. For this one, I wanted to make sure I was taking care of my shit & getting it together. And I have to say, its been pretty darn smooth, for the most part, anyway. I have been taking care [...]

Saturn Shift, DNA Activation, and the Gist

Quick post to gauge other people's opinions. So I am really feeling this Saturn to Capricorn shift the last couple of days. I am an Aquarius but Capricorn is my moon and in many of my other planets, including Saturn. But the thing is - I also did the 2nd part of a DNA Activation [...]

Dark Manifestation and Negative Intent

I've been thinking about this for awhile. In my new spiritual / psychic journey, I have come across various people who practice dark(er) arts (no death eaters, of course 😉 ) Some of these people don't advertise it or even maybe don't mean to - they get caught up in their ego, drugs, outside influences [...]