Twin Flame Ramblings

Recent turn of events has made me question some things about my twin flame. First off, I am incredibly grateful to have found him. I feel so at home with him, like I have known him forever. Now that I am back on my intended path, I realize why I visited Oak Alley in the [...]


Following the Path of the Universe

Today,  an interesting turn of events occurred today. I haven't been working due to ongoing medical issues, but I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to find a job. I live in a small town and the options are few and far between. Also, I have worked in a professional manner and have become set in my [...]

4th Dimension Explained

As you might know, the earth and most people occupy the 3rd dimension. But if you are awakened, you probably occupy the 4th dimension at times or all the time. The 4th dimension connects the 3rd dimension (humans) and 5th dimension (spirit) together. Dreams - the unconscious - occupies the 4th dimension. While we dream, [...]

Dimensions for Dummies

Before today, I knew very little about dimensions, other than the band 5th dimension. I have condensed all I learned on this post in lay man's terms. If you want websites I used, just comment; I saved them to my pinterest. According to some, there are an infinite amount of dimensions, but humans technically occupy [...]

The Hidden Power of Energy Vortexes

A vortex is a funnel of spiritual and sometimes physical energy coming from the surface of the earth. It also acts as a portal to other realms. Vortexes exist all over the earth, including the United States. Most of the vortexes in the United States exist in the West, left over remnants of Lemurian civilizations. [...]

My Long Lost Twin Flame

Life has a weird way of working out. Before this week, I never heard of a twin flame and now I believe in it whole heartedly because I feel and hear him in spirit. This is how it all started - I am the process of being hired as a tour guide on a plantation. [...]