Predicting Death

This theme has been prevalent lately and so I wanted to blog about it. I’ve been predicting death, namely my grandmother’s death next month. She’s been sick for awhile and miserable. And I’ve been getting the Sorrow card repeatedly in tarot card readings, which is what tipped me off.

I’ve heard people being able to read death in an aura – a forewarning blackness that consumes it. After helping a person with a spiritual issue, I sensed that their time was short – only a couple of years at the most. He/She would die of a car wreck / accident. Of course, I would never tell a person of their own death – it would drive anyone crazy. I definitely wouldn’t want to know how or when I would die. His/Her spirit guides need them on the other side.

Predicting death is both unsettling and comforting – as in the case with my grandmother. I know I need to spend this time with her, now while she’s alive. I’ll have a feeling I will hear her on the other side. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to this – I kind of hope not.


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