Energy Work

This will be a quick one. So, I been doing  a lot of energy work / workshops and noticed now that I am clearing / opening my chakras, my past life memories have been easier to access. I just had my two memories when I was Josephine (at least three past lives ago). Then as [...]


Past Life Memories

I just attended a free guided meditation and received two past life memories from when I was Josephine Aime. I been trying to connect with my Twin Flame, Valcour Aime (I previously blogged about him). In particular,  I wanted to feel what it was like when I was with him, if you know what I [...]

My Long Lost Twin Flame

Life has a weird way of working out. Before this week, I never heard of a twin flame and now I believe in it whole heartedly because I feel and hear him in spirit. This is how it all started - I am the process of being hired as a tour guide on a plantation. [...]