Spiritual Crossroads – Where Waters Meet

Similar to paranormal lore, crossroads do exist, but we are not making a deal with the devil. As I develop psychically, I am starting to sense them where I live, particularly where two bodies of water cross. As an element, water carries energy, and as a river flows, so do energetic currents. I live in [...]


Battle Between Dark and Light Energy

I have noticed something peculiar at work lately. I've been having contentious interactions with some of my co-workers. I am nice to everyone, all the time, even when I am upset or stressed, but I haven't received that back. I find this to be reoccurring theme - to the point that I have to question [...]

Creating Boundaries & Limits to Prevent Psychic Burnout

As I have been recovering from post DNA Activation Symptoms, I have (re)learned an important lesson - that I need boundaries & limits. Like many of y'all, I have been working A LOT - and I have been feeling it physically and mentally. I convinced myself that I was okay and could keep going as [...]

New Year, New Outlook

So I had a little bit of a contentious New Year with my significant other. While fighting, we hashed everything out, brought it out in the open, quite literally before 12:00 A.M. I thought it was very interesting how it transpired at the tail end of 2017 and ended on the cusp of this transition. [...]

My new gift – Aura Reading

I have been blogging about the after effects of my DNA Activation. I been experiencing mental and physical symptoms from it. But on the up side, I am starting to see the benefits of it. If you think about it literally, I am using DNA that I never used and am expanding the limits of [...]

Reflections on the New Year

It's time to reflect on this past year and what a year it has been! 2017 marks the conclusion of my first year awake. My birthday is this February which makes a year since first psychic experience at Myrtles Plantation. This New Year and my birthday are more important to me than Christmas was this [...]

Progress on DNA Activation

I am grateful to say I am feeling better. I am scheduling doctor's appointments for the various issues I am dealing with. I am still dealing with bladder pain. I believe its IC: Interstitial cystitis, its very common for women. I am also going to get my kidney checked out, since I have polycystic kidney [...]