Opening and Closing Portals

As I’ve develop spiritually, I figured out that I can open and close portals, an energetic doorway into another dimension. They’re everywhere – in house, roads, schools, hospitals, natural areas etc. People can become portals during traumatic events or a spiritual awakening. As I previously blogged, I figured out that I am a portal and my presence in my bed created a portal above the head of my bed.

Portals can be detected scientifically – can spike EMF detectors and Infrareds. Copper dousing rods can also detect them. They tend to spiral like a helicopter propellers when above one.

Portals can be positive, neutral, or negative. Positive portals connect to the 5th dimension and above, considered “Heaven.” It’s where your spirit guides and angels reside. Negative portals connect to the lower 4th dimension, which is what we consider to be hell. Neutral portals can connect spirits to various dimension and other locations.

When you are near a portal, you may feel a electromagnetic, static sensation (I get those from spirits, too). If its a neutral / dark one, you may feel sick, get a headache, and feel a heaviness. You won’t stay in that area long – it will feel very creepy. A positive portal may make you feel light, happy, and content. You’ll flock to this area and want to stay there forever.

If you learn to move energy, you can manipulate it to purposely create a portal. Otherwise, you can inadvertently create a portal, like mine above my bed or by practicing magic, spiritual work etc. I began creating a portal in my favorite spot on Mandalay Refuge’s Nature Trail. I plan to close and open it each time I visit – to aid moving spirits on to the next dimension.

In my conversation with my higher self, I learned that eventually I would be able to create and close portals. Well today I closed my first portal. I visualized closing it while moving my hand / arm in a circular motion in a downwards manner to seal it. I literally do the opposite – circular motion upwards to create and open a portal. The portal I closed with a dark or negative portal – with it closed, dark, demonic spirits are going no longer move easily from the 4th dimension into our 3rd.

I was able to register it with my dousing rods beforehand and afterwards they no longer moved. The house felt so much lighter afterwards.


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