Samael, Samhain, & Satan

As most of you know, the universe if filled with both light and darkness. Darkness – being the absence of light – helps balance the light. This dualistic yin & yang rules our lives, some more than others. Of course, its better to be filled with light rather than darkness. As we ascend, our souls and incarnated selves become lighter, more representative of the of God, I am, and all that is.

The separation of Good and Evil didn’t always exist and there are many creation stories & myths – other than the Bible, Torah, Quran, etc. In the Hebrew canon, Satan or the Devil is a fallen angel – originally named Samael –  similar to the name of the pagan Gaelic festival Samhain, celebrated after Halloween. In Jewish lore, Samael is known as the King of demons, basically second-in-command to the devil – which is why how I first learned of him and his existence.

A depiction of Samael’s fall from Heaven

I have a co-worker who practices dark magic and comes from a Voodoo background. Of Haitian origin, Voodoo incorporates both light and dark magic and is notorious to the New Orleans area. Immigrants and slaves of Haitian and Caribbean origin brought this magic to New Orleans, and Marie Laveau (I & II) was known as the Voodoo queen.

He’s dealing with a dark spirit attachment and asked for my help. At first, I thought it was a dark spirit of non-human origin but didn’t think I was necessarily dealing with a demon. After learning its name – Samael – we realized that we were dealing not only with a demon but the leader of them. The co-worker said he’s been dealing with this entity for a long time.

After channeling to get more information, I learned a couple of things. My co-worker inadvertently made a pact with this demon when he started practicing dark magic, which is one of the dangers of practicing Voodoo. For the last two years, Samael has haunted his home, affecting his roommates and pets, and attached to him, which I already perceived. This demon also transformed a portal in his home to make it dark, ramping up spiritual activity in the area.

The spirits natural to this area are not happy about this dark portal or Samael’s presence. Similar to angels, Samael is able to be omnipresent or in several places at once. Because of the portal, these spirits are stuck in this dimension, unable to move back and forth and prevents them from moving on to higher dimensions. This portal is not natural to the area, and they want it closed.

Personally, I realize that Samael will probably return, even if/ when I get rid of him. My co-worker attracts him with his negativity, dark magic, and the household’s fear. When I channeled, I learned a couple of things about myself. I have battled him multiple times and have won each time. As a spiritual warrior for St. Michael, it’s my job to put him and other demonic entities in their place. I already knew that from my conversation with my higher self. Basically, I am the perfect person to move this demon out the house and to close this dark portal. My spirit guides / angels support me and know I can handle it.

While bad for my co-worker and his household, I am more concerned about the spirits in the area. I help spirits move on to higher dimensions and spirits need my help with this. It’s for the greater good, rather than an individual’s problem. I know that my co-worker will keep practicing dark magic and will attract spirits of this nature. You put this energy out into this out the universe and receive it back to you. It’s the rule of Karma.


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