Personal Energy Portals

I been using my copper dousing rods to check up on the energy of my house. It was strange that last time my dousing rod went crazy over my bed. I thought it was because of a spirit / angel being there, but I think something more extensive is happening.

Example of copper dousing rods

Usually the copper rods criss cross over where there is a spike of energy, aka over my sacred spaces, crystals, cats, etc. Well, the dousing rods spin uncontrollably – which I have never seen before – above where I sleep in my bed.

Today I retried them and the same thing happened and then I placed them above my head – same thing. Yesterday, I read that people who are going through a crisis or spiritual awakening can become portals. I believe this is happening to me and because I spend an average of 12 hours sleeping a night – I know it seems like a lot – it’s creating a positive energy portal in this area. It’s kind of ironic because I wanted to work on building portals and didn’t want to do it in my own house, but I inadvertently built one anyway. I think this is why I sleep so much. I am literally recharging energetically in the other realms while I am sleeping.


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