Psychic Problems – I am Unable to Drink Anymore

As I have been developing psychically, I have been drinking far less. And last night reminded me why. My DNA Activation has made it harder to drink, when I do so. I experience more post-drinking symptoms and less tolerance of the alcohol.

It’s a difficult situation / quandary – because my partner / soul mate is dependent on alcohol and has an addictive personality. Last night, we vibed well together, but I think it was because I lowered my vibration to match his. I believe with time he will get better, but it’s difficult when our vibrations are so different – it can create problems.

Anyway, I found this article that explains why it’s hard to drink alcohol at a higher vibration.

So I think I am going abstain completely for now on. I really don’t miss it, to tell you the truth. I have very little desire to drink it anymore




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