Dealing with Difficult Psychic Messages

I had a weird thing happen today. Due to my DNA Activation, etc, I been experiencing things out of the ordinary – abilities I didn’t have before. So today as I was sitting a father and daughter at their table, I got a message that he was molesting her.

My heart dropped. I sent positive energy and later while I was tuning in [in the tub with salt], I solicited my spirit guides to work with the little girl’s spirit guides, to remedy the situation, which was already in progress.

I hope learning about it help in some capacity. It’s difficult being a psychic – especially when you receive message that are dark in nature – not that I am underscoring the pain of the victim(s).

It’s not my first time receiving these kind of messages. I know that as time goes on, I better develop a protective barrier of sorts. I know it’s getting there.

I’d be interested to hear if anyone has had similar experiences with this.

On a different note, I received some more messages – the Saturday nights are important – that’s when I recharge psychically. I am going through an energy upgrade tonight. I was told I need to drink water all tomorrow. I finally am physically feeling better – I think I am finally finding my balance after completing the final activation.

And on a lighter note, I been finding a lot of objects around – namely pennies and feathers. I love finding reminders of the universe’s love.


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