Following My Life Path


It’s been a couple of days but a lot has transpired. Over a week or so ago, a co-worker of mine mentioned applying to grad school, a counseling program that I have been one the fence about for a year. I had a reading a couple months ago in that said I should go back to school. I’ve learned to pay attention to coincidences, since that’s how the universe works.

I been getting everything together to go back to school, situating my loans, financial status, and taking the GRE again. I been taking care of a lot of tedious tasks lately – like filling for bankruptcy. My health hasn’t been great either, so I haven’t been tuning in psychically, etc. That again is on hold. I will know when it is time again. I feel like I am wrapping things up to start a new phase of my life. It feels right – my birthday is coming up on February 4th, which marks a year since I been psychically awake. All this hard work will pay off.

On another note, I had an interesting experience the other night. First of all, I feel like my dreams are finally returning. I been on sleeping meds, so its affected my dreams. I have more nonsensical / overactive brain, kind of dreams – the ones that don’t mean anything. Finally, I have some psychic / astro projection type dreams coming through. I don’t remember some of them, but I know that they are important, different than the norm.

Second, I saw an apparition for the first time. Visually seeing things is my weak point – it doesn’t happen often. I psychically hear things in my head. As I was fading off the sleep. I saw an imprint, figure of a person, kind of white, lighter than the room, which was dark. I physically learned (afterwards) that it was my grandmother. It almost seemed like a dream. I didn’t remember it well, like it was hazy. Again, psychically I figured out that it really happened, wasn’t a dream. It was a comforting experience, to know that she is physically there.


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