Reconnecting with My Twin Flame

A couple days ago I trekked back to my old stomping grounds – the school I used to teach at – to give lesson materials to another teacher. The school is in Vacherie, Louisiana, where twin twin flame and I lived in a past life – at Le Petit Versailles Plantation.

Now, all that marks the plantation is a historical marker, sugar cane and the ruins of its extensive gardens, overgrown and fenced in. I wanted to visit and see what impressions, memories, and feelings I got from it. I was tempted to venture in the gardens, but I really didn’t want poison ivy, oak, or snakes. I walked along the perimeter on the road and across the front, where the sugar cane grows. It was a very muddy experience and as I seeped further in the mud, I realized I was literally grounding myself. While I didn’t remember anything, I heard my twin flame again – Valcour.

I found some bricks, pieces of my former home. Being that I was its mistress, I figured taking them was mostly ethically sound. I realized that the pieces of my home would help me communicate more easily with my twin flame on the other side.


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