Update 2.0

I have had a lot of interesting things happen to me recently and just want to air them out here. As stated earlier, I been attending a lot of classes / events related to psychic / metaphysical development. Being tired so much, it helps me get out of the house and reset. I have taken classes on Thoth tarot cards and numerology, shamanism, and attended a mediumship circle. I will be attending a psychic fair Friday and then Sunday I started a three day training on paranormal investigations – which I am REALLY excited about. It will lead to being apart of an actual investigation team. I know that I am suppose to help earthly bound spirits move on, and I think this could be a way to accomplish this duty.

I  interacted with a lot of interesting people recently. One woman helps dying pass on the the other side, which is very similar to what I do / am suppose to do. I also met another woman who practices Reiki in Houma  – she is amazing.

During the event(s) I learned a lot about myself. Some of my spirit animals include a rabbit, cheetah, horse, and beluga whale, and I learned my guardian angel’s name. I received and practiced reiki healing.


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