I’m back!


Sorry I have been awol, but life happens. I want to start blogging again, so here’s my restart. First, things – psychic things, have been pretty quiet, and I am enjoying the solitude. My spirit guide / twin flame have stepped back so I can focus on my health. A lot – diagnosis of health issues and such – has occurred. It has been amazing – now that I am listening to my higher self – how easy it has been to finally get diagnosed. I am still in recovery and have one more health issue / test to pursue, then I am completely out of the woods. I owe it to all my spirit guides and God / Gaia / higher power: I am finally meeting the medical professionals who listen to me and have my best interests at heart!

I encountered some road blocks, relationship issues, and general life messiness during this period, but most of that has been worked out. I think my grass-is-greener complex was at an all-time high, and I was trying to run before I can walk (at one point, I had it in my head that I was moving to Colorado). I am accepting where my life is heading but know in the long-run I want to move out west / to Colorado (just not now). My thinking hasn’t been the clearest, between hormones imbalances, medication withdrawals and adjustments, etc. – so no big life changes or radical moves.

My sleep schedule is finally becoming more consistent and partially to prevent myself from taking naps, I been going to New Orleans to attend metaphysical / esoteric classes. I really am enjoying myself and am trying my best to retrain myself because I want to attend / purchase every class. I have attended classes both at New Orleans Esoteric School and the Metaphysical Resource Center. I loved the vibes I got from the first – very New Orleans, in a shotgun, turn-of-the-century house with window A/C units and amazing Wiccan alters and decor. I felt so femme empowered, a more authentic version of AHS’s Coven. I took a class on tarot today at the Metaphysical Resource Center and am returning for a class on shamanism tomorrow. I met so many people like me and remembered how much I like to be around people. Best yet, I signed up for a paranormal training class that will eventually lead to legit investigating. This is what I am meant to do or at least is an avenue towards that. I met a woman today who helps the dying cross over – basically a more sophisticated, experienced version of me. I am really excited to talk to her more about what she has learned, discovered about herself. Until next time, which is hopefully soon, tootles!


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