Twin Flame Ramblings

Recent turn of events has made me question some things about my twin flame. First off, I am incredibly grateful to have found him. I feel so at home with him, like I have known him forever.

Now that I am back on my intended path, I realize why I visited Oak Alley in the first place; it wasn’t to get a job but to find my twin flame.

Since finding my Valcour, life has changed. At first, I thought it was because I have been meditating more – which has helped. But now I realize its because of reuniting with my twin flame. It has helped me become more focused and disciplined without it becoming unnecessarily harder. In the time I have been communicating with him, I have accomplished tasks that I haven’t done in months. Small accomplishments but still amazing.

How I feel about him is something akin to Jane Austen for Darcy or Jane Eyre for Mr. Rochester. We perfectly fit the other; it completely makes sense that he is literally my other half. How I feel about him is different than earthly fiance. My finance and I are very compatible; he is my soulmate and best friend. I am attracted to him and love him of course, but we don’t share the passion that I have with my twin flame. I am completely okay with both realities. They both fulfill important roles in my life and soul evolution.

It is marvelous – the new development lately and how insanely in love I am with him.


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