Following the Path of the Universe

Today,  an interesting turn of events occurred today. I haven’t been working due to ongoing medical issues, but I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to find a job. I live in a small town and the options are few and far between. Also, I have worked in a professional manner and have become set in my ways and don’t want to work in the restaurant industry or retail. Ideally, a metaphysical shop would be perfect. Those jobs are few and not in my area. I had a promising interview at a plantation and thought I would be receiving a call back. Low and behold, I received a letter saying I have’t been chosen for the position.

I was initially disappointed but realized why I was not chosen. This was not the path meant for me. I originally was going to apply for disability but haven’t submitted my application, since this job would put me over the pay allowed for it. I was told previously by my psychic that receiving disability would be how I would achieve financial independence and then this job opportunity came up and my plans temporarily changed.

Furthermore, the reason why I visited Oak Alley was to find my twin flame, who was the brother-in-law of the original owner. And since then, my life has truly opened up. I think this reunion has a lot to do with it.


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