Reflections of Meditating

I have taken a mini break on blogging, but I am back to report on my progress. I have been meditating last couple days. To tell you the truth, I never did before. I am not very good at quieting my mind. I think fear has prevented me from actively engaging in the practice. It’s one thing to hear its good but another to experience it.

Here’s what I noticed.

1 – increased energy – so much more energy I almost couldn’t go to sleep. My body is adjusting from what was my norm to this new norm. First of all, I am chronically sick with an undiagnosed autoimmune condition. It has prevented me from working the last five months or so. The last couple of days I accomplished more around the house and in my life than I have in months. Lately, chronic joint pain has been keeping me sedentary. I actually went to the gym and swam! I even cooked! I know if doesn’t sound like much, but my usual day is sleeping 12 hours at night (not depression – I am just that fatigued that I need that amount of sleep to feel rested). I might be up and about a couple hours – eating / internet activity / watching tv shows and then I get tired again and take a nap. Wake up, repeat, and go to bed.

2 – deep meditation – I was actually able to get into a really deep state, surprising for me. I have been practicing astral projection, being that I am new to both meditation and projection – it will take awhile. I was able to put myself in a sleep paralysis like state – shut down my body but my brain was still awake. It was really amazing. I did this one first.   and this one second.  I like the first video better. Didn’t find it as rushed, better for a beginner. The sounds are strange but oddly relaxing. Another collection of video I liked for meditation are Tibetan bowls chakra meditation from this channel . My cat loved them, too. He kept purring and getting in front of the computer, rubbing against it. I been using them to unblock my throat and crown chakras.

3 – just overall, better quality life. With the increased energy, I been able to do things I have been neglecting around the home and my life. I think meditating will be an easy fix to get myself out of the rut I have been in – health wise. I am going to keep at it and make it a habit. I am excited to continue to report on my progress!


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