The Hidden Power of Energy Vortexes

A vortex is a funnel of spiritual and sometimes physical energy coming from the surface of the earth. It also acts as a portal to other realms. Vortexes exist all over the earth, including the United States. Most of the vortexes in the United States exist in the West, left over remnants of Lemurian civilizations. Survivors fled to these areas, becoming Native Americans and eventually blending in with the human race. California, Arizona, and New Mexico contain the majority of vortexes; I actually traveled through New Mexico and fell in the love with “The Land of Enchantment.” I now understand what I was feeling. I was on the brink of my psychic awakening and picked up on the vortex activity.

One of the most famous vortexes is Mount Shasta in North California. The metaphysical University of Mount Shasta is located there. I see myself eventually taking online hybrid classes with the university. The dormant volcano stands at an impressive 14,179 feet and is part of the Cascade Mountains.

Mount Shasta

Sedona, Arizona is another famous area, which includes four large vortexes. Many metaphysical organizations hold retreats in the area. The impact of the vortexes can last for days after visiting and even can impact you from being in the general area.

Sedona (see website for additional information)

Four Corners area (Colorado, Utah, Arizona, & New Mexico) also has many vortexes, including Mesa Verde, operated a National Parish Service and a world heritage site. It’s an amazing visit if you are ever in the area.

Mesa Verde

New Mexico’s Santa Fe Plaza, Sandia Mountain, and Placitas are all hold energy vortexes. Even Colorado’s Rio Grande National Forest and Rocky Mountains have vortexes. If you driven through the Rio Grande, you will understand the impact from its sheer, breathtaking beauty.

Sandia Mountain in New Mexico

Lesser known, Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs also has a energy vortex. I know this from experience. I visited recently and felt its energy. It’s no coincidence that the Manitou Cliff Dwelling are directly across from it.


Needless to say, if you need help reaching spiritual enlightenment, you now know where to go. I now understand why I feel compelled to move Colorado Springs – I would be in the middle of this energy.


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