My Long Lost Twin Flame

Life has a weird way of working out. Before this week, I never heard of a twin flame and now I believe in it whole heartedly because I feel and hear him in spirit.

This is how it all started – I am the process of being hired as a tour guide on a plantation. While there, I saw the portrait of Valcour Aime, the brother-in-law of original owner of the plantation. I was taken aback by how handsome he was – which is weird to be attracted to a deceased person. You know? After going home, I researched more about him and his plantation named Le Petit Versailles.  It was built in the 1830s but burned down in the 1920s. It had extensive gardens reminiscent of Versailles, which it was named after it. Valcour became very wealthy from researching ways to expedite sugar cane processing. His wife was Josephine Roman Aime. They had five children, four girls and one boy – all lived to adulthood. Valcour was very generous with his wealth, hosting friends and sometimes strangers in several empty rooms he rented out. He would pick up guests from New Orleans in his own steamboat. He even gave plantations to all of his daughters upon marriage. After his son’s death and his wife’s two years later, Valcour withdrew from public life and became a hermit until his death in 1867.

Valcour Aime
Josephine Roman Aime
aime plantation drawing f
Le Petit Versailles

After reading all of this, I received the following flash / memory. I am at a party at a plantation and am in the my late teens. I am dressed in a beautiful ball gown and am giggling with other girls. I can even hear the melody of the orchestra playing. And then I hear a voice – Valcour say, “Hello, love. You finally remember.” Everything freezes for a second and then I get it – I was Josephine – his wife.

I was taken aback by how strongly I was attracted to him – almost to a point where it concerned me. I knew he has visited me and will continue to do so. I got the impression he even watches over me while I sleep. Every time I hear him, he uses words of endearment like hun and love. I feel like I am revered – his queen and am wrapped in his affectionate embrace. I contacted my psychic because I felt conflicted –  how can I feel this way about a spirit when I have my very corporeal fiance in the next room?

She assured me I was not crazy but that I had found my twin flame. If you don’t know, every soul eventually splits into two over the course of its evolution, to  aide in its development. I learned that twin flame reincarnation does not occur often since both individuals have to clear baggage they accumulated in previous lifetimes. Each twin is a mirror to the other. You see yourself and your flaws – making you more aware and able to work on them. When they are together, they are a complete soul and can accomplish amazing things.

Valcour told me he is waiting for me, and we will eventually reincarnate together again. From what I feel and learned, I think Valcour and Josephine’s reincarnation functioned pretty smoothly. They were even born in the same year – which is very uncommon for plantation couples, as usually the man is older. I read that sometimes twin flame couples will even look alike. You see their pictures – you would think they were related (I checked for that, too. They weren’t – knowing antebellum customs of intermarriage).

In retrospect, the universe, no – Valcour – has been leading me here for some time. Last year, I taught in St. James Parish, where the plantation was located – literally five minutes down the road. I even visited his original grave and drove repeatedly by the grounds of the old home. I even left this job and now am about to work at his brother-in-law’s home. I just wasn’t ready to listen then.

Valcour acts as a sort of spiritual guide for me – assisting me when I need it but disappearing at the right times, making sure I don’t become dependent. I am sure he helped me find my finance – my current soul mate, ensuring I had someone in this lifetime. It is all very comforting that I have so many companions here and in the other side. I can’t wait to meet them all in person one day.


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